Custom payment pages are ideal for special offers or promotions and can be set based on time or item quantity.

Our online interface couldn’t be easier to use and is flexible enough meet nearly any payment need. Simply complete a quick form and MyPayOK automatically generates a unique payment page to accept payment via credit card or electronic check. 

But, what guarantees this will translate to more business? 

Custom "Commerce-Ready" Payment Pages

You’ve spent time and money building your website, email client list, Facebook page, or other social media following, in order to promote your clinic and services.

Instead of simply being able to advertising online, MyPayOK gives you the unique ability to sell directly to customers through the creation of custom “commerce ready” payment pages that can be linked to your website, customer emails, Facebook or other social media. 

Accept patient payments directly online

Third party financing can be offered; however, it is entirely possible that out of 100 potential clients that walk into your office, only 10-15 will be approved. So, unless they can pay for the entire procedure out of pocket, the rest are likely to just walk out the door, leading to a significant amount of lost revenue. 

By offering Auto Recurring In-House Payment Plans you will be able to capture this additional business while distinguishing yourselves from your competitors.

Payments are automatically deducted from a patient’s bank account or credit card. With NO CREDIT CHECK

(100% APPROVAL) you will convert more patients into positive cash flow. 

You can tailor a specific financing package based upon the services purchased, the amount placed as a down payment, the number of months you wish to have payments, etc.

MyPayOK will help create and manage your payment plans for you!

Do you rely on third party patient financing?

Many potential patients do not receive treatment because they are unable to pay in full up front. 

​Auto Recurring In-House Payment Plans

With MyPayOK you will be able to increase your business by reducing financial

barriers to your services through auto recurring in-house payment plans and by capturing revenue directly through your online marketing activities. 

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