• Patients can pay their bills 24/7

  • Direct patients to pay online
        through billing statements

  • Payment page branded with
        your logo.

  • Collect money faster,
        no more....."checks in the mail"
  • Process credit cards and checks 

  • Accept payment from anywhere with a computer and the Internet

  • Unlimited users​ unlimited locations

  • Increase speed of processing payments

Payment Portal  (Click Title for Sample Page)

The majority of in-house collection activities for a medical practice or facility are performed by a patient account representative or front office staff. It is important to equip these individuals with the tools necessary to accept payments as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our web based payment application requires only a computer with an Internet connection, allowing access for unlimited users to accept both patient credit cards and checks from multiple locations.

This expanded access is ideal for back office collections, outsourced collections staff or for satellite medical clinics reducing staff time and expense while increasing the speed of processing payments.

With the Internet, not only do patients have the ability to pay many of their bills online, they've come to expect it. Unfortunately, when it comes time to pay the bills, not only do medical bills tend to fall to the bottom of the stack, they may be one of the few bills that require a patient to write a check. As a MyPayOK client, you will have a branded online payment page with your logo so patients will have the ability to pay you online as well.

Providing patients with the convenience of making payment online will result in an increase in patient collections while reducing collection costs and staff service calls.

Online Bill Pay  (Click Title for Sample Page)

Unfortunately, it is a reality in health care today that many times, even with insurance, patients are unable to pay for the care they receive at the time of service. As a provider, you are often faced with the dilemma of not providing care or not being paid. 

Our goal is to provide you with the resources needed to offer recurring in-house payment plans so you will be compensated for your service while giving patients the ability to pay for their care over an extended period of time. 

Also, because we know the challenges of establishing and maintaining extended patient payment arrangements, MyPayOK provides a full-service solution. Once it has been determined that a patient cannot meet his/her financial obligation in full, either through pre-treatment planning or through collection efforts on a past due balance, a patient authorization form is obtained and sent to MyPayOK. We help create and maintain the payment plan for you.

  • Create a monthly revenue stream

  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account

  • Save staff time and expense on patient collections

  • Lower the risk of non-payment
        from traditional payment plans


  • Payment plans are created and maintained for you.

 Auto Recurring In-House Payment Plans  (Click Title for Sample Auth Form)

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MyPayOK provides a secure online medical payment service to help health care providers and facilities collect the patient portion of medical services through its

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Medical Payment Plans to increase collections and reduce bad debt