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Security & Privacy

MyPayOK is sensitive to the privacy issues on the Internet and we are committed to the protection of personal information and the appropriate use of data that we collect and maintain. We do not collect personal information about you unless you voluntarily provide it to us and will not sell or distribute user information to third-parties. All data is encrypted using SSL technology so that payment account numbers are never viewable by an internet hacker or our staff. No financial information is processed through MyPayOK systems and we do not obtain any Personal Health Information (PHI).  
Electronic payment services provided by MyPayOK are powered by My Payment Network though a privately branded relationship. The MyPayOK web site has several links that will direct you to the secure My Payment Network servers.  MyPayOK is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices or the content of these links. Following is the My Payment Network privacy and security policy for your convenience: 

My Payment Network

Privacy and Security Policy
My Payment Network delivers payment services to schools and businesses and offers its service under many brand names, powered by My Payment Network. Part of the payment process involves the collecting of personal information. Such information is voluntarily submitted by people who submit payments through any branded version of their services and is required to submit transactions.

Use of Information
All information collected is solely used in the fulfillment of payment services. The information collected is required to complete transactions. My Payment Network will never release or sell any personal information collected through any of their branded services.

​My Payment Network and any branded version of their services do not use cookies.

Browser Level Information
The My Payment web server automatically collects information about a site user's IP address, browser type and referrer by reading this information from the user's browser (information provided by every user's browser). This information is collected and logged for security purposes, as an activity log of which people have been in the system and what have they done. It is also used by businesses and schools in reconciling disputed transactions. The IP address is used only for these purposes.

My Payment Network respects the privacy of its readers and shall not disclose, distribute or rent its email list to any third party, nor shall it permit anyone else to do so. Email addresses used in by any of their branded services for the sending of payment alerts, receipts and other communication regarding the payment services shall not be disclosed or distributed to any third party.

Secure Hosting
All branded versions of My Payment Network’s services are hosted on a dedicated secure server. The server is located in a secure location at a national hosting company. All branded versions of My Payment Network transaction data are stored on this server. All user and customer sessions are hosted on the secure server.

Secure Sessions
All branded versions of My Payment Network sessions (after logging into the services) are conducted with SSL security. SSL security is the standard for internet e-commerce session security. All payment pages are hosted in SSL. This means that when people make a payment, even if they are not logged into any branded service, they are protected by SSL security. My Payment Network maintains security certificates with nationally known firms. Users will need to have their browser settings such that they can go to secure sites to use any branded version of My Payment Network’s services.

Encrypted Database
The My Payment Network databases are encrypted. Data is only un-encrypted when it is pulled from the database and presented to a user or administrator during a logged in session.

Hosting Firewall
All branded versions of My Payment Network services are protected by the hosting company’s firewall. This is state-of-the art firewall security that is constantly monitored and updated.

As a branded version of My Payment Network, MyPaytOK allows check transactions to be refunded for 60 days after the date of the transaction and credit card transactions to be refunded for 180 days after the date of the transaction. If the time period has expired, the system will not allow you to submit a refund through its system and your office will need to handle that process manually. 

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